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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

A Mother’s Love | Maurer

I was really excited to meet this mama and her sweet little girl after emailing back + forth and the time with them was enjoyable.  A very sweet mama that has a beautiful, gentle manner.  At 38 weeks pregnant it was extra special to capture her perfect baby belly and excitement to be a mother of […]

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A Mother’s Love | Stewart

At the end of April I photographed several beautiful mamas and their children.  It was wonderful and a lot of fun!!  As well as entertaining as you’ll see from the first photo here of these energetic, adorable kids!  There were lots of cute giggles, kisses for the mamas, snuggles and sweet moments!  So often Moms […]

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Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!  It is always sweet to gather together photos from throughout the past year into a collage of mothers + their children.  I quickly filled up my grid this year!  I will be sharing more photos this week from the A Mother’s Love portrait event at the heritage house in Weyburn and a couple […]

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Baby Wyatt | Newborn Family Lifestyle

It is really lovely to capture the joy a new baby brings for parents and siblings!  When the arrival is anticipated for months it’s pretty special to see the strong bond that’s formed and there’s an abundance of love for this sweet little guy.  It’s amazing how a new little life can have such a great impact […]

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