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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

Great Sandhills Park

If you live in Saskatchewan and have the urge to sink your toes into nice, white sand it might not be as big of a trip as you might think!  When we were travelling home on the May long weekend from Stettler, Alberta, we zigzagged across the prairies on quiet highways to the Great Sandhills […]

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Kleppen family | Plentywood, MT

We were all really happy when this couple made a big decision and big move a few years ago to leave Seattle and raise their family on the farm in Montana.  They are a big help in the family farming operation.  Our visits to our favorite American family are that much more entertaining with the […]

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A Mother’s Love | Siwy

I was very grateful for the hardwork and creativity of this lady and the team at Brady’s Flowers for their part in our mother + children event.  I know they poured a lot of time and thought into the arrangement for the antique wicker chair, an assortment of flower crowns and even surprising us with cute […]

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A Mother’s Love | Morrison

From the first connection I made with Teagan at the start of the year, it has been really fun and enjoyable to get to know her!  Plus got in my good books right away guessing my age over 10 years younger than I am!!  She’s just so kind!  She offered her professional hairstyling services for the […]

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A Mother’s Love | Tocszak

It’s neat how we used the same setting and yet each set of photos is unique with the people in them, their connections and the way they interact.  This little guy was darling with his gorgeous Mom and sister!  He’s got a big, generous, kind heart like his mama!!  It was sweet how this baby girl […]

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