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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

Shultz | Extended Family

It was wonderful and fun to spend the evening with this happy family!  With a tree row between their yards they have a close relationship and enjoy time they spend together.  The surroundings of their farm is beautiful with the trees, pasture and meadows.  Pretty special for these cute, energetic boys to grow up right near […]

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Anna | Weyburn Graduation

I’m excited to share this beautiful graduation session!  In the same gorgeous setting as their family photos.  It was Anna’s request to go to the cabin and I’m glad she wanted them taken up there.  A beautiful area and a great start to the summer holidays!  Her pretty pink dress matched the soft pink sky […]

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Beach family | Cabin

We were looking forward to this photo session because it wasn’t just a couple hours with their family but they invited us to spend the weekend at their cabin!  A much needed relaxing and fun weekend!!  We drove a few hours north to this scenic, peaceful location and better understand why they zip off to the cabin […]

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Father’s Day

A special day in honor of these great men, the bond we have to them and their influence.  I hope you all get to spend some time today with your Dad.  Doing something to celebrate and make new memories or remembering and appreciating the special place they hold in your heart!  Happy Father’s Day!

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