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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

Prairie Crocuses

A sure sign of spring on the prairies!  Beautiful, delicate prairie crocuses that are the first plant to bloom.  I have seen some of these pretty violet colored flowers in vases this past week but hadn’t been out in a pasture to see some for myself yet.  So it was great when an offer came yesterday to be […]

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Our Farmstead Scene | New Animals

We’ve been talking and planning for a while about raising some lambs.  Our adventure into sheep started on the weekend with 6 ewes and their adorable lambs, of which 8 are twins.  I was bursting with excitement as we worked with the couple we love dearly and are in their 80’s to get our animals ready […]

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Kate | Las Vegas

It’s wonderful to have a photographer friend with connections in places like Las Vegas for when we meet up there!  It was fun to all work together and make a photo shoot happen on short notice.  The credit definitely goes to Melissa and Kate!  I felt lucky to photograph this gorgeous gal alongside Melissa and Brandi.  Kate was super sweet to […]

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