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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

Panama | Panama City and the Panama Canal

Some of our friends moved to Panama over a year ago and it was in our mind to visit them sometime and explore this country in Central America.  When we met up with them in Calgary after Christmas and heard all great things about Panama, we decided to make our thoughts of going on a winter vacation a reality!  After we booked […]

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First Day of Spring | 2017

I absolutely love this time of year as the days get evidently longer and the air is slightly warmer (some days!).  The snow drifts are quickly melting away filling our yard with puddles and much to my husband’s dislike, there’s mud.  I think it all feels so hopeful as the earth is starting to wake up again […]

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These Prairie Skies | Photo Book

Growing up on the prairies of southern Saskatchewan, I have enjoyed and admired these magnificent, lively skies many (MANY) days of my life.  I decided that throughout the year of 2016 I would make a conscious effort to capture the skies with my professional camera.  Each month I shared some of my photos here on the […]

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Frosty Winter Scenery

On frosty mornings like this I have to admit that winter is quite beautiful!  I was happy to have my camera in the car when I saw how pretty all the trees were and made a few stops around Weyburn.  Just what I needed on the first day of March to enjoy and capture the winter beauty!

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Kelvin + Elaine | 40th Anniversary Wascana Park

It was special to photograph this wonderful couple that recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  What a beautiful reason to celebrate!! Around their anniversary date the temperatures were -30 to -40 celcius so it was a welcome sight with some mid-February days in the forecast above freezing.  We met up in Regina and took photos around Wascana Park.  A significant […]

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