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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

*Welcoming 2011*

I couldn’t get the words out quick enough.  We had already passed by this corner of the store a few times.  But this time around it stood out.  Right there on display.  An antique typewriter.  Just as I had been hoping to find.  And a price tag that made it just so easy to say […]

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*Sarah* Part II

Running short on daylight and body heat, we set up to meet again a few days later.  When the air wouldn’t be as cold and we’d have fresh enthusiasm.  Not just anyone can pull off this hair style, or would choose to.  A mohawk.  This is the kind of thing that shows me what is […]

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*Sarah* Part I

I tried to talk her into rescheduling.  The forecast was not looking good for the date we chose a while back.  She was enthusiastic and eager to keep our photo date.  So we braved below zero temperatures and snow to create incredible photos.  It was wonderful to photograph you again Sarah.  You are amazing to […]

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*Giveaway ~ Winners*

Thanks again to Michelle from The Green Belle Shoppe for sending up two sets of Wool Dryer Balls to use as giveaway items.  She has generously given a discount for all my blog readers to use in her shop for the next week as well.  The code to enter is BEAUTI10 for a 10% discount off […]

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*Bare Naked Noggins* Fundraising Event Photos

Last week I was down at Bankers Hall with a group of brave noggins (the ones who were shaving their hair off!), wonderful volunteers, special guests and lots of spectators.  RAZING awareness for Epilepsy.  It was a successful, fun event.  An annual event put on by the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. Here’s a few highlight […]

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