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Blu | 7.5 Months Vancouver baby photography

We got to see this cutie pie a few times this summer which was so fun!!  We’ve been together and done photos since but I want to rewind the summer to share these cute moments from when Blu was 7.5 months.  In the first year especially it seems like there’s huge changes in growth and development. […]

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! I hope all the Canadians are enjoying this holiday weekend and the marvellous country we call home and are citizens of!!  We live in a great country and the more we travel the world, the more we say there’s so many places we hope to explore in our own country! I was […]

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Happy Father’s Day 2018 | Memories

Happy Father’s Day!  It’s the special day of the year again dedicated to celebrating and showing appreciation to our Dads. Here’s a collection of happy, cute memories from the past year of kids with these great guys known as Dad!  From newborns babies to wedding days and the ordinary yet memorable moments in between.  It’s […]

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