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Kohonick family | Tribune, Sk

It is always great to see these cheerful, fun people!  And special to document the change another year brings with the sweet little ones.  They came out to our place a couple months ago on a beautiful fall afternoon.  Just a quick shoot to capture their family and portraits of the children.  They filled our […]

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Adrie | 1 Year

When we were recently down to Plentywood visiting our favorite American family, this sweet little girl’s Mom asked if I would take a few 1 year old photos.  It had been a rainy, chilly day so we found the most sheltered spot and Adrie was adorable with her big grins, nose wrinkle and such a cute […]

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Wimmer family | Tribune, Sk

Spending time with these neighbors + friends is always entertaining, enjoyable and fun!!  There’s always sure to be a few good stories and laughs.  Not that there hasn’t been heartache and sorrow and the challenges of farmlife but it is really admirable to see how amazing my gorgeous friend keeps such an upbeat, cheerful outlook.  […]

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