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Danyal + Erum | Mykonos, Greece honeymoon

A Greece honeymoon sure sounds nice doesn’t it?!  That’s what this sweet, happy couple did!  It was amazing meeting them in Mykonos and doing a sunset photo shoot.  They were happy, relaxed and adorable together!  Just as you’d expect with newlyweds enjoying their honeymoon in a beautiful destination.  I was impressed how at ease they […]

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Gaudet | family photos in Saskatoon

My plans to catch up on blogging sure hasn’t happened recently as many other tasks (rightfully) take priority.  I’m hoping it will be easier to blog over the next while.  There have been lots of fantastic photo sessions and travels the last while that I’m excited to share here! This stop for family photos in Saskatoon […]

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Cadomin family photo session

As a photographer you never want to think about redo-ing a photo shoot because it means something didn’t go well.  But this is a family photo session I would love to re-do because it was so darn perfect and amazing!!  I would easily relive a beautiful evening like this with their wonderful, fun family!  It […]

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