*Inside a Maasai Enkang*

Red.  It’s a color that always attracts my eye.  As you drive along in East Africa the Maasai people stand out.  Whether they are at the roadside, herding their cattle or goats way off in the distance, standing by their hut.  Red Maasai blankets wrapped around them.  So vivid against the grass, dirt and sand.

A visit to a Maasai village.  A tiny glimpse into their culture and way of life.  They are a semi-nomadic tribe of herdsmen and warriors.  One of the more famous tribes because they have kept the traditional customs.

We were in Tanzania, just south of the Kenya border, on our way out of the Serengeti National Park.  We only had about one hour at their village.  Our welcome being dancing, chanting and jumping.  Then separated into groups of 2 with a village resident as our guide.  Free to ask questions, go into their huts made of stick + grass covered with cow dung + mud, visit the little children at school, see many handicrafts and jewelry, throw their spears.  Trying to understand what is real life for them.

A book called The White Maasai was recommended to me.  There is also a movie.  I am really quite fascinated by their way of life but I wouldn’t trade my lifestyle for theirs like the writer did.  It’ll be an interesting, enlightening read.

Notice the tire sandals…

(Note to anyone familiar with and concerned about Maasai tradition of being photographed, this was an organized paid village visit and we were given permissions to photograph)

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5 April 2010 - 9:48 am

vicki gannon - heh jenelle, LOVE your images of Africa. simply stunning. we are hoping to get there next year – simon is from south africa…
talk soon

26 March 2010 - 7:42 am

BEAUTI - The marks on her cheeks are part of their customs…it’s a sign of beauty for women to have long stretched earlobes and decorative cuts on their faces.

25 March 2010 - 1:28 pm

Keala C. - Amazing! I’m curious as to the marks on the woman’s cheeks in the 2nd to last picture?

23 March 2010 - 7:19 pm

Emmy - Wow – these are gorgeous. You must be having an amazing time. LOVE the one jumping – are those your man’s feet? Can’t wait to see more!!

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