*Mike + Danielle and Parker*

You know the friends that even when it’s been months with only a phone conversation and a few emails you get together again and carry on enjoying to be around one another just as much as before.  This is her.  My gorgeous friend.  I love that we can just be ourselves.  We laugh a lot.  It’s happy and fun.  I’m thankful things fell into place that we could spend a little while together and for me to capture your family last week.  It feels like we’ve already met the man of your world from hearing about Mike from you.  I’m glad to see you two together.  To see your happiness being together.  Your love is real.  And you’ve got a handsome little man too.  Parker is sweet, so cuddly and good natured.  Give him rocks and a dump truck and he’s a very happy guy.  We need to be together more often.  I insist.  It’s fun.  Thanks so much!


I love it, Parker gives the best looks – such a trendy little guy too.
To view the preview photos from their session, click here.

2 November 2010 - 10:10 am

Nona - Oh so fun to see the cute photos of a cute family!

19 October 2010 - 7:03 pm

Daysha - The feelings in these are unreal! great job of capturing them Jenelle. Beautiful family Danielle!

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