*Spice Island ~ Zanzibar*

Zanzibar. Island paradise.  We said goodbye to our wonderful driver + truck in Dar es Salaam and boarded little 12 passenger planes for the 20 minute flight.  To this gorgeous island out in the Indian Ocean.  Stunning white sand beaches, warm clear turquoise ocean, coral reef fringing the island…a welcomed haven to end our time together as a group.

The many spices grown here brought the Sultans of Oman and beginnings of the infamous slave trade, playing a big part in the history of the island.  Spices are still a main industry.  We toured a spice plantation, smelling and tasting the variety of spices and fruits.  Told of their uses in cooking, cosmetics and for ailments.  Sampled fresh coconut milk and flesh which we watched be cut down from the tall palm.  As we walked the little kids came running with gifts…a ring, necklace or bracelet weaved together from grasses and leaves.

We walked the narrow streets of ancient Stone Town, visited the Slave Museum – left with our hearts sore to think of how humans treated humans, sampled local seafood at the night bazaar, then off to the northern beaches.  Kendwe beach.  Gorgeous beach, crystal-clear water…when the sun was out you could hardly have your eyes open it was so bright.  A slight downfall being there had been no power (only generators) on the island for a couple months, which unfortunately meant no ice cream!  Oh, and maybe the fan not running all nite.  But I still could have stayed longer.

Black pepper ~ Cinnamon
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24 March 2010 - 12:37 pm

shauna - AWWW!!!! LOvve that lil boy too!!!!
I really like the lil boats and then the last one turned out really good too…. i remember the sky being so beautiful there so colorful!
Wow, you have done a good job it’s fun to see all these and remember how awesome it was!

24 March 2010 - 11:57 am

Daysha - Gorgeous!! love the lil’ sand man!

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