The first few days after changing the clocks for daylight savings ~ fall back or spring ahead ~ are a bit difficult for us.  A time change to adjust to without even going anywhere is the disappointing part!  Bring on some jetlag, it’s always worth it for the adventure!!

Not that I ever need inspiration to spark my desire to travel.  I always have a list longer than you can imagine of places to explore and photograph.  I love the planning, anticipation, adventure…my love of travel keeps me dreaming.  But I recently ordered this travel photography book.  WANDERLUST.  By Michael Clinton.  Such an interesting travel book.  I’m loving to read his story, his “love affair with exploring the world”.  At 12 years old set a goal to travel around the world.  His wanderlust has taken him to 100 Countries and all 7 continents, always with cameras in tow.  An eye for beauty and a spirit for adventure.

I find wedding photography a bit like travel photography.  Getting one chance to capture a photograph that takes you back, takes you in and you feel that very moment once again.  A moment that can’t be replayed with the same emotions, feeling or sincerity.  It’s hard to ever again stage that shot with the same outcome.  When successful, it is rewarding.  I’ve learned to stop when I see something beautiful, unique or interesting…it may be the only time in my life I see that scene.  And I have learned…..even what seems so real in such moments, that memories fade.  But photographs keep them alive for us and allow us to carry them thru our lifetime.

I am working on a couple travel photography related projects, which will be announced on this blog over the next little while.

26 November 2010 - 5:08 pm

Kim Spears - Ooooooh !! Can’t wait to hear what your travel projects are all about 🙂

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