*Welcoming 2011*

I couldn’t get the words out quick enough.  We had already passed by this corner of the store a few times.  But this time around it stood out.  Right there on display.  An antique typewriter.  Just as I had been hoping to find.  And a price tag that made it just so easy to say I had to buy it.  How had we not noticed earlier?  Thank you to my shopping partner for taking me to a wonderful store and when you were thinking the same thing you let me be the one to bring this treasure home.

In a new place it’s easy to have our eyes looking and heart feeling, taking in everything of that moment and place.  Yet I find at home, things can get feeling ordinary.  Because it’s things we are used to.  Things that maybe don’t stand out until we take the time to really notice the details.  Which created my personal photography new years resolution.  To take more day to day photos, photos of our life.  Not just the big occasions and vacations.  But more of the little details of what makes up our days.  2011.

14 January 2011 - 6:22 pm

Renee Stewart - love it Jenelly!!!!

7 January 2011 - 10:33 am

Emmy - Love these!!! They would be so cool to have up in an office or library!

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