about Jenelle

Born and raised on a farm in southern Saskatchewan, I grew up enjoying the simplistic beauty of the vast space and faraway horizons of the prairies.  Always admiring and appreciating honesty, determination and the hardworking attitude of farm life.

I love to travel, and have been fortunate to experience many incredible adventures spanning the globe!  World travel has enabled me to expand my comfort zone and to thrive in the process.  The photographs from each adventure are treasured as they can take me back to relive that exact moment, photographs that liven my senses and inspire my heart.  Taking in the varied landscapes, cultures and people of the world have made me appreciate the beauties within and surrounding us and contributed greatly to my passion for photography.

I started BEAUTI photography in 2009 while living in Cochrane, AB.  With the Rocky Mountains to the west and looking east through downtown Calgary to the prairies, stunning natural backdrops surrounded and inspired me everyday.  Now being back in southern Saskatchewan and living in the country near Tribune there is much to enjoy and capture on the prairies.

It intrigues me how photographs tell a story, portray feeling, express emotions.  These are the images I strive to create and I look forward to preserving your histories with timeless BEAUTI.

BEAUTI photography About Me Jenelle Quigley portrait and wedding photographer Photo Credit Red Leaf Studios Vancouver Island photo

Photo Credit: Red Leaf Studios