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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

Spetses Island and Athens | Greece Part 1

Carrying on with my trip to Europe, I flew from Prague to Athens, Greece. With my suitcase that I picked up from the overflowing Lost Luggage room as I caught my departing flight. So that was a relief! Greece has been on my bucket list for a while so it was great to see some […]

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Prague | Czech Republic Stopover

Two years ago I was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. A solo trip to Europe for a film photography workshop with a stopover in Prague. It’s been fun to relive the 48 hours I spent in this picturesque city. Other than the memory of my luggage not making it there. Until the morning I was […]

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Kelton + Joanne | Big Island Wedding

I’m excited to carry on from last week’s blog post of Kelton + Jo’s pre-wedding shoot with their Big Island wedding! It was an absolutely beautiful wedding day!!! As you can see, they were married in paradise. Tropical paradise! On an oceanfront property that feels like a wonderful oasis! Their wedding was filled with lots […]

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