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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

Baby Wyatt | Newborn Family Lifestyle

It is really lovely to capture the joy a new baby brings for parents and siblings!  When the arrival is anticipated for months it’s pretty special to see the strong bond that’s formed and there’s an abundance of love for this sweet little guy.  It’s amazing how a new little life can have such a great impact […]

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Panama | Playa Coronado and El Valle

We loved the time in Panama City and it was the perfect number of days to see what we wanted there and then we all were ready to head further out!  We rented a vehicle in Panama City and headed off on the Pan-American Highway along the Pacific Coast to Coronado.  Our friends from Canada that […]

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Panama | Panama City and the Panama Canal

Some of our friends moved to Panama over a year ago and it was in our mind to visit them sometime and explore this country in Central America.  When we met up with them in Calgary after Christmas and heard all great things about Panama, we decided to make our thoughts of going on a winter vacation a reality!  After we booked […]

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First Day of Spring | 2017

I absolutely love this time of year as the days get evidently longer and the air is slightly warmer (some days!).  The snow drifts are quickly melting away filling our yard with puddles and much to my husband’s dislike, there’s mud.  I think it all feels so hopeful as the earth is starting to wake up again […]

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