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Portrait + Wedding photographer based out of Tribune, SK.

*Mataya and Aleah*

A quick chat on the phone, a visit or a weekend to stay in their home…these little girls always brighten Auntie’s day.  Kisses blown thru the phone, the cute way they say my name, giggles and twinkles in their eyes, the funniest things they come up with.  They are A LOT of fun right now. […]

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*Jordan Family*

After the unpredictable weather this summer, it’s such a treat to have warm, sunny fall days for shooting.  While up in Edmonton last weekend I spent a warm, sunny evening with this family of 4.  I photographed them around home, on their gorgeous acreage.  Lots of tree, beautiful big leaves from their imported Norwegian maple, […]

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*Campbell Family*

It’s amazing what sunshine does for the body, mind and just over all well-being!  After weeks of daily rains and gloomy skies we welcomed it readily and needed the boost.  The timing was perfect for this family’s session as they had made plans to travel down to Cochrane for the weekend a while back.  Sunshine. […]

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*Dalys Rayne* Newborn

I loved how my friend shared the news of their little girl’s birth…”the arrival of our very own little princess!!”  And that she is.  The princess of their home and hearts.  The fourth baby, the only girl.  Her brothers are so happy with her, all wanting to have their turn to hold her.  And then […]

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