Brazil | Waterfalls, Gardens and Birds

Here is a snippet of our memorable second week starting with flying from Rio down to Foz do Iguazu.  We had a few days to tour Itaipu Dam, see the gorgeous Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side, wander around the town and enjoy a few relaxing hours by the hotel pool.  Then flew up to Campinas and enjoyed our days with some very special families and couples near there, eating way too much delicious food and fun barbecues and seeing more areas of this beautiful country!

Itaipu Dam is on the border of Brazil and Argentina and is a massive hydroelectric dam.  I don’t remember many of the technical details but it took many, many years to build and it now provides power to all of Paraguay and a large area of Brazil.


One of my very favorite places in Brazil is Iguazu Falls.  It was such a great day taking in this wonder of nature.  We went there thinking we would also cross over to Argentina to see the falls from that perspective as online reviews recommend.  After spending a few hours hiking along the falls we all felt totally content with the incredible experience we had here.  Walking along the trail catching glimpses of waterfalls thru the trees and from the numerous viewpoints it feels fresh and invigorating.  Now and then getting a blast of mist or a major spray when you’re right up close to Devil’s Throat.  Especially out on the walkway, no wonder they have a little hut set up selling rain ponchos!  But on a hot day it felt good too.  What blew me away was how the waterfalls go on and on.  All these falls that would be magnificent and attention grabbing on their own and these are continuous for a very long stretch!!  Nature is amazing and Iguazu is extraordinary!


Parque des Aves – Iguazu Bird Park


My dream house in Brazil, it’s a bit far from the beach but I know I would have really great neighbors!!


We were taken for a tour on a steam train, it was neat to see more of the countryside along with being in great company.


I really admire people that have a green thumb and beautiful gardens around their home.  Colorful tropical plants filling this lady’s backyard, it was really pretty and smelled so nice!  I never knew there was a flower that smells like chocolate but she has one!


A must in Brazil is to experience dining at one of the churrascarias.  Skewers of piping hot meat in all cuts brought around to your table.  I can see why they are becoming quite popular in Canada even now too!  It tastes so good and I always over-ate but it was really fun!


This was really funny and a photo that makes me smile.  A pet chicken!  And he was brave to hold it while I took a photo.


I’ll end this with this photo that Kent kindly took of me with these sweet, handsome little boys!


Thank you to our new Brazilian friends, these memories are treasured and we appreciate your many kindnesses + wonderful hospitality!  xoxo

2 January 2014 - 11:07 pm

Melissa - Jenelle, these are unreal…you took my breathe away!

28 December 2013 - 11:07 pm

Nona - It was a great time in Brazil shown by the stunning photos!!
Good to have a photographer on the trip!!!

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