dslr Essentials Camera Course

Please see information below on Spring 2017 camera courses being offered in Oungre.  Hosted at the Oungre Library.

This course is 2 classes that are 2 1/2 – 3 hours each filled with the essentials for DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras.  Classes are hands-on in a casual, small group setting.  Topics that will be covered include: getting to know your camera, exposure (ISO, aperture, shutter speed), depth of field, focusing, lenses, white balance, composition, light and lighting.  There is so much covered to give you confidence to shoot on manual and better capture your day-to-day life moments, maximizing what your camera is capable of.

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Words from previous attendees:

“I recently took Jenelle’s camera class and I “Loved” it. By taking the class from someone so patient, competent and supportive I have discovered that I love taking pictures again. She taught us so much that using a DSLR camera is no longer a scary proposition. I bought my camera a couple of years ago and not taken it off the automatic settings since I had bought it and now I shoot on manual and understand the settings. Jenelle is a fantastic teacher, enjoy your learning time I did.” – Dianne

“I enjoyed the class very much. Just getting to know the settings on my camera has given me more confidence and desire to take pictures in different lighting situations. It was a great class for a beginner like me and a lovely relaxed evening revolving around photography. Thanks again.” – Marie

“I never imagined I would feel so comfortable shooting pictures in the manual setting of my Canon Rebel. Especially motion pictures of the kids, and in all different lighting situations. Jenelle does an excellent job of making the technical terms make sense to someone who knows nothing about photography, as well as being patient when needed. I highly recommend this course!” – Joanne

“The class was a great opportunity to learn about photography in a relaxed setting. I quickly learned how little I did know about my camera and all that it is capable of. Jenelle does a great job challenging her students to try new things and is entirely supportive and patient with all of the questions that arise along the way. After taking the class I am not afraid to shoot manually and be more in control of the pictures I am shooting.” – Becky

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