Gaudet family | Saskatoon Sk

I have so many wonderful relatives and being asked to photograph them is such an honor!!  To share in and capture their life right now along with enjoying to be together and have a visit.  We met at a beautiful park in Saskatoon along the river near their house.  We were well entertained by their little girl that has quite the imaginative, creative mind!  Trying to tell me she was a wild animal but dressed up in pretty dresses and just too sweet for that to be true!  With these wonderful people surrounding her there is lots of love, laughs and sweet moments!!

Hopefully now that you guys have moved closer it will mean many more fun visits!  Thank you for the memorable evening!!

For anyone that doesn’t know my cousin Janie Rae it is incredible for her to be walking so I think these are really special photos.  After a severe back injury causing paralysis this is absolutely amazing.  Really, she is amazing!  It’s incredible how the body can recover when there is great determination, a super positive attitude and a lot of hard work!  We are all so proud of you JR!!!
These sweet moments at the end of our session are some of my favorites!!

11 July 2013 - 6:10 pm

Adele - Steve and Janie – you are a wonderful family! What an awesome set of pictures to capture your ongoing miracle recovery JR – you have the most positive attitude I know of! Great job capturing it all Jenelle 🙂

10 July 2013 - 11:57 am

Janie - Oh dear Jenelle! It is amazing how you are able to get the moments captured in between…the moments where we did not reflect discomfort or stress on our faces. LOL We are so grateful to have so many examples of our family together just as we are. Man you make us look good! I will admit that I was really feeling the effects of the workout the next 3 days, but it is all worth it to have Beauti photos “sans chaise roulante”, which is fancy talk for “without wheelchair” LOL Thank you for your patience with us and our wild animal (who, by the way, is now a magical wild animal that can grant wishes). We look forward to playing with you again!

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