Megan in summer fields | Tribune area

Photographing this beauty in the summer fields was fabulous!! Megan is teaching kindergarten overseas so any chance to spend time with my beautiful friend while she was home for a summer break was a treat. It was lovely to have her in front of my camera again as we enjoyed these summer fields. Seeing the prairie landscape turn to blue and yellows as the crops bloom is gorgeous. The flax and canola fields are really pretty in the summer as they add color to the countryside. And there’s just a small window of opportunity to have backdrops like this as the crops ripen. So our timing worked out well as we had a beautiful, sunny-filled morning for the shoot. I’m glad as Megan is back to work thousands of miles away for her to have these photos as a reminder of home and the beauty of our southern Saskatchewan prairies!! There’s so many reasons that summer is an amazing season here!

BEAUTI photography summer fields Tribune area portrait photographer double exposure blooming field photo

Film Processing + Scans: Canadian Film Lab

Flax and canola fields used with permission from the landowners.

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