*Munro* Family

Two absolutely great families to spend time with and capture on Saturday…
From growing up on a farm I really like spending time away from the city. It was fun to include things that they enjoy about living in the country…got the biggest smile out of this boy when he was riding on the quad! I’m glad it worked out to finished up with some shots of the whole family, thanks for making time for that too.

*Beach* Children

These kids really make me smile.
Here’s a few images from their portrait session on Saturday morning…the sun was out, the light was nice and the kids were great fun, happy and full of life like usual.
I am in love with the fabulous colors of leaves and grasses right now and their yard is full of color.
22 September 2009 - 11:00 am

Daysha - Wow! they all look great! who doesn't love those kids?

*Red Leaf Workshop* (Post 1)

It is hard to put into words and properly express my appreciation to Richard + Amy…their passion for the art of photography, their kindness and generosity, completely open and willing to share the knowledge they have gained. My eyes have been opened to observe light so differently, my mind is filled with ideas, my heart is grateful. I am so glad that I was able to spend last week in Victoria at their amazing perspective workshop ~ ignite the light within. They are a BEAUTIful couple and exceptional photographic artists that I am thrilled to have met and learned from.
Thank you to the other photographers who attended…for being who you are and sharing your love for photography, I want to keep in touch…good luck to all of you in your journey!
Here are a few highlights of my week in Victoria, including a day on Salt Spring Island…it really was an experience.
The Laurel Point “Stay Different” – where I stayed and the workshop was based out of.
Workshop 1 1
On the ferry to Salt Spring Island.  If you love food and wine and are making a trip to Vancouver Island look up Travel With Taste ~ Cathy is a wonderful culinary tour guide!
Workshop 1 2
Salt Spring Island Bread Co. “the Bread Lady”
They say you can taste the LOVE in her breads, I unfortunately couldn’t indulge because of gluten sensitivity.
A wonderful, hospitable woman.
Workshop 1 3
Workshop 1 4
Workshop 1 5
Workshop 1 6
Workshop 1 7
Workshop 1 8
Workshop 1 9
Workshop 1 10
Hastings House in Ganges Harbour ~ divine Salt Spring Island lamb and the most delicious creme brulee…mmm…
Workshop 1 11
Workshop 1 12
Workshop 1 13
Out and around in Victoria…
Workshop 1 14
Workshop 1 15
Workshop 1 16
21 September 2009 - 5:07 pm

Daysha - Wow! amazing photos!! Can't wait to get there!

Off to Victoria

Just a quick note to leave on here – I’m heading out the door to the airport, and off to Victoria for this week.
I’m attending a workshop with Richard + Amy…Red Leaf Studios.
They are amazing photographers so I know this week will be incredible for me and BEAUTI!

I wish I had a photo to post but this is my first time to Vancouver Island so there will be lots of posting when I’m back home.
18 September 2009 - 1:21 pm

Daysha - Hope you had a great time! Awesome opportunity hey?